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Martin Schmidt, Attorney /Owner of Schmidt National Law Group

Attorney Martin Schmidt is a trial lawyer licensed to practice law in Kentucky and California. His law firm, Schmidt National Law Group, focuses on representing victims in local personal injury claims, and national mass tort cases. 

Although Mr. Schmidt finished law school in the top 10% of his class at Northern Kentucky, his first-hand understanding of his real purpose began after he was a victim himself.

“I was badly injured in a car accident.  Lying strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance and wondering what was happening to me, I thought about all the clients I represented in similar situations. Did they feel this way? Where am I going? How hurt am I? Will I be able to work, pay the bills, or take care of my family?”

Mr. Schmidt’s battle to restore his health took several years of intense physical therapy. The battle to restore other aspects of his life proved even more taxing, as the insurance company refused to do the right thing. It was an insult to his injuries, and required his special set of legal talents to prevail.  Since the incident, every client he has had the privilege of representing puts him back in their shoes. Martin Schmidt truly empathizes with his clients, as he knows first-hand the fear of losing everything and having the insurance company turn its back. 

After several years of litigating local personal injury cases, Martin Schmidt began investigating claims against large pharmaceutical companies in product liability cases which led to him researching the off-label use of Zofran to treat morning sickness in pregnant women. This research developed into the first failure to warn cases against Zofran’s manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline in the United States and caught fire after getting attention from several other large law firms. Schmidt currently represents more than 1000 Zofran claimants nationwide.

Mr. Schmidt then began investigating new claimants injured by the then-popular permanent contraceptive device, Essure, and filed the first California case against Bayer. After Schmidt broke ground on the case against Bayer’s Essure device, other law firms followed suit and thousands of new Essure cases were filed. Although these cases are still pending, Martin Schmidt has already won a small victory for women as the FDA began putting pressure on Bayer, who eventually pulled Essure from the market. 

Martin Schmidt represents thousands of claimants nationwide in a variety of dangerous drug and defective medical device cases, including cases against JUUL’s e-cigarettes, Monsanto’s Roundup, Bard’s IVC filters, Stryker’s hip implants, Depuy’s knee implants, and many others. 

Mr. Schmidt serves in a leadership role on the Essure Steering Committee. He has been awarded Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Top Trial Attorneys, and is currently a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, American Association for Justice, State Bar of California. San Diego County Bar Association and San Diego Consumer Attorneys. 

Attorney Martin Schmidt is a true consumer advocate, willing to fight for what is right, even against insurmountable odds.

Ben Martin, Marketing Director

Since 2001, I have been actively working in the advertising and marketing industry buying media, building lead generation campaigns, and helping thousands of companies turn more impressions into clients. Over the past 7 years I have provided integrated performance marketing and lead generation campaigns to more than 200 personal injury and mass tort law firms nationwide. Using search marketing, social media marketing, email and SMS, I have generated, nurtured and delivered over 80,000 leads of potential claimants to law firms for product liability claims, drug side effect litigations, failed medical product cases, and truck & auto accident injury claims.

From the day I cut my teeth in marketing and advertising I have been consistently growing my expertise in email marketing, media buying, online advertising and lead generation for virtually every industry by being on the forefront running campaigns on the newest platforms. I have had some successes and some failures, but I can confidently say that have learned A TON by “doing” without doubting or speculating or overthinking.

Today, I am the owner of a small advertising agency and work closely with several law firms to help acquire new clients. I am also the founder and director of a nonprofit 501c3 charity that works tirelessly 24/7 to alert and inform as a means of injury prevention.

Matt Scaffa, Director of Operations

Matt is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Operations Management, IT Infrastructure Management. Since 1999 Matt Scaffa has been helping Law Firms throughout the country become more efficient by utilizing technology. When many firms were still using paper files for updating their client records, Matt helped them adopt databases and CRM’s (Customer relationship management) systems to gain efficiencies and a better client experience which always translated into better client satisfaction and retention. Matt also helped firms with client communications by helping them migrate to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. With VoIP, firms have better control of their phone calls and routing. Matt developed his own phone system designed for the intake of legal cases. Matt also helped firms with their intake department, setting up call centers for intake and client communications.

Matt was able to take all his experience with technology and operations and was one of the founders of Schmidt National Law Group. Matt is the director of operations for Schmidt National Law Group. Matt graduated with a Computer Science degree from New York Institute of Technology where he graduated with a 3.7 gpa cum laude degree.

Monica Alaniz, Senior Support Manager

When you call into Schmidt National Law Group you're first contact will be with Monica.  Monica Alaniz attended Southwestern College.  She received her Desktop Support certificate at Foundation College and multiple Business Math certificates at San Diego Educational Complex.

She's an intelligent and passionate office assistant whose focus is to welcome you through your journey with our law firm. Additionally, she also orders your CT scans, runs campaign reports, and keeps track of your data while keeping it organized and confidential. She does an exceptional job at ordering your medical records in a timely manner so that you may feel more at ease during these stressful moments. Monica's main priority is to support you and the staff of Schmidt National Law Group.

Traci Laub, Senior Case Manager

Passionate, outgoing, goal/detail oriented individual with a zest for life. Self-driven and extremely motivated, I always push for fairness. Love to stay challenged. As a Company, we are dedicated to helping people that have been harmed by prescription drugs or medical devices. I evaluate and retain new product liability personal injury cases.

I perform an evaluation of specific case criteria for each potential client, as required for many different case campaigns. I guide potential claimants through appropriate legal retainers and execute them electronically via DocuSign. I am involved with coordination of the delivery and return of legal documents through courier services. I am responsible for accurate document preparations while adhering to strict case/attorney criteria and delivering a complete case file. I daily use legal intake software, Time Matters as well as Excel, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheet & Docusign. I also have involvement in building successful relationships with managing partner Attorneys at major personal injury firms nationwide. I am also involved in maintaining contact with some of the largest players in the mass tort legal arena.

Howell Gillogly, Director of Digital Marketing/SEO

Much of what you see online related to National Injury Advocates comes under the direct actions of Howell Gillogly.

Not only does he perform all of the companies search optimization, he’s also a savvy legal content writer who specializes in creating powerful content on defective medical devices and defective pharmaceutical drugs.

Howell created his own search engine marketing business in 1999 called NP-Strategies, a San Diego based Technology Company that helped non-profit organizations adapt technology and optimize their online presence and help them perform the way they envisioned.

While running NP-Strategies he was recruited by Wise Law Group of San Diego in the role of Director of Search Optimization, where he lead a team of content writers, web developers and SEO assistants. He was responsible for creating and growing 152 digital properties under the domains branded as “Resource 4’s”.  These domains where designed for legal lead generations and generated millions of dollars in leads for top law firms across the U.S.   This is where he learned about the problems with “Big Pharma, and “Big Medical” putting profits over people.  Helping people who’ve been hurt from these “bad drugs” and problematic medical devices became his passion.  Howell was with Wise Law Group, a Thompson Reuters’ company, for 11 years. He was then hired by Major Media as Director of Digital Marketing/Search Engine Optimization.

Howell graduated in 1984 at Palomar College San Marcos with an Associates Arts Degree in CSIS – Information Technology, and earned a Certificate of Expertise from IBM’s Advanced Connectivity Systems in San Francisco in 1987.

In his spare time he enjoys both mountain and gravel biking.  He’s also climbed most of the mountain peaks in California, including the highest peak in the Continental U.S., Mount Whitney.  

Drew Taylor, Senior Intake Staff Member

Mr. Taylor has been assisting injured people nationwide for more than 5 years as a Case Manager with SNLG. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Communication with a prior career history in real estate finance, sales and marketing.  Drew works in concert with attorneys and other support staff to help injured claimants/plaintiffs recover money damages and obtain justice for themselves and their departed loved ones.
Mr. Taylor has been involved in dozens of complex pharmaceutical and medical device mass torts as well as cases where folks have been injured by non-medical products manufactured and marketed by big corporations.  "Standing up for the little guy is very rewarding, knowing we can make a big difference in our clients' lives after a major tragedy caused by Corporate America." 

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