November 25, 2019
juul e-cigarette lawsuit

States File Lawsuits Against JUUL

California, New York Sue JUUL over Youth Vaping Epidemic  Multiple states have filed lawsuits against JUUL Labs Inc. over claims the company illegally marketed its nicotine […]
November 22, 2019

Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Paragard Problems Prompt Lawsuit Investigation January 9, 2021 — IUDs are some of the most effective contraceptive devices on the market. Paragard is no exception. It […]
November 20, 2019
Truvada HIV Drug Lawsuit

Federal Government Sues Gilead Over PrEP Patents

Government says taxpayers own HIV prevention drugs The federal government sued Gilead Sciences earlier this month, claiming the drug company infringed on government patents on the […]
November 19, 2019
E-cigarette lawsuit

Are E-Cigs Worse For You Than Traditional Cigarettes?

American Heart Association: New Studies Suggest E-Cigarettes More Harmful to Heart than Regular Cigarettes New research suggests e-cigarettes may be more harmful to heart health than […]
November 18, 2019
e-cigarette lawsuit

JUUL Says It Will Lay Off 650 Employees

Layoffs come as cases of vaping-related illness continue to mount In an effort to cut about $1 billion in costs, beleaguered e-cigarette company JUUL Labs Inc. […]