Jessica M.

Edward G.
October 17, 2017
October 17, 2017
When my daughter was hit by a utility truck on her bike, I was notified by the police and met her at the hospital. I was immediately being harassed by an attorney from the utility company to sign some documents. I felt pressured and I was referred to Marty at Golden State Law Group. We didn't want to hire a lawyer but we felt unprotected so Marty met us at the hospital. We signed up and when my daughter was released from the hospital, he referred us to a head injury specialist. We had been treating for almost a year when she was finally released from medical care. She had lost her job in the process and was having a hard time paying her rent and other bills. The utility company offered us 10k for everything, which was a joke. I think our medical bills were about 75k at the time. We finally settled the case in the high six-figure range (not supposed to say how much) and I can honestly say that Marty was a blessing! He did not let us get pushed around one time! In fact, we never had a to pay a penny for any of the medical treatments or to Marty ever. He earned every dollar of that settlement and I don't think anyone else could have done a better job for us! He was always professional, courteous, and helpful! He referred us to the top doctors, and always returned our calls. I would recommend him to anyone who has been injured in any type of accident!