#StopAbuse: Protecting the Innocence of Our Youth

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A Perspective on Exposing Child Abuse

The topic of sex abuse is a tough one to discuss openly, especially for those who have been affected by abuse themselves. A single incident perpetrated by a relative, church leader, teacher, coach, club leader, or any other authority figure is a disturbing violation of trust that can shatter a child emotionally. There is no room in our society for this behavior and the abuse must stop. The sad truth, however, is that many incidences of child sex abuse goes unreported. Unreported sex abuse can lead to ongoing abuse that can broaden to more abuse victims over time. This terrible vicious cycle seems to be propagated in public organizations with shameful cover-ups, that hide abusers from justice.

Catholic Clergy

The most disturbing, and probably the most well-known, case of ongoing sexual abuse and decades of cover-ups involves the Catholic Church. Reports of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the Catholic Church, or Church clergy, go back 70 years. God only knows how many incidents have gone unreported out of shame or fear of retribution. The Church’s stance until recently has been to keep reported cases of abuse confidential and handle these situations internally however they see fit.

Were you a victim of abuse?

Whether the abuse is ongoing or 50 years ago, it's never too late. We can help get justice for abuse victims.

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Regardless of whether we believe that Catholic Clergy child abusers are getting away with it, the fact of the matter is that most remain in their positions within the Church, significantly increasing the chances of this abhorrent behavior to continue.

To stop the ongoing spread of abuse, abusers must be identified and brought to justice.

Knowing how terrible the situation is, legislation has already been passed in several states, including California, to allow Catholic Clergy abuse victims to come forward and report abusers without regard to any statute of limitations. This means that it’s not too late! It doesn’t matter if the abuse occurred 50 years ago, the law will still allow victims to file complaints against their abusers.

Our lawyers at Schmidt National Law Group are highly concerned that child abuse has become an epidemic that cannot be erradicated if never identified. We can help any victim of sexual abuse by bringing abusers to justice and stopping the cycle of abuse. Contact us by calling 1-800-631-5656 or use the secure contact form on this page.

Quit the Cover-ups

Child abusers must be exposed and brought to justice to the extent of the law. Cover-ups by religious groups, social organizations, colleges, etc. does not help to end abuse. Staying quiet about past abuse does not prevent future abuse. The solution to ending abuse is to remove the predators responsible. Schmidt National Law Group wants to help end the child abuse epidemic. We will help bring abusers to justice so they can’t hurt anyone again.

Speaking up, although painful, will bring abusers to justice and prevent future abuses. If an incident of child abuse has affected you or someone you know, we can help.

How to Speak Up

You can help prevent child abuse by reporting it. Contact us by calling 1-800-631-5656 or use the secure contact form on this page. All calls and communication is confidential. Your privacy will be protected at all times.

Take Action Now and help protect the innocence of our youth. It doesn’t matter if it was 5, 10, or 50 years ago. If you were abused or are aware of abuse occurring in the Catholic Church or any other organization that may be trying to cover it up, please take a stand and report it. We understand that you may not be comfortable reliving the past, but know that coming forward in the name of justice and protecting our youth is the right thing to do. #StopAbuse