Hip and Knee Replacement Implant Failure

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October 8, 2018
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Failed Hip/Knee Implant (Military Veteran)

Having served in the army and losing a limb or blowing out knee is never easy. However, due to advanced medical advancements, people are now able to get prosthetic that will be able to help them lead semi-normal life as they act to replace that part of the limb that was missing or not work well.

However, some patients of the DePuy knee have been of late experiencing a few complications due to the unusually high rate of tibial baseplate loosening. According to research that had been conducted by The Journal of Knee Surgery vol 30, it was found out that patients who had their knees replaced from three separate hospitals had been having issues with their prosthetic knees as this was an unusually high rate of early aseptic failures due to the failure of implant cement interface. When the prosthetic becomes loose in any way, one is then able to experience pain, muscle damage may end up happening, nerve damage and an infection may end up coming up and one may end up needing revision surgeries in order to completely cure the knee. One needs to understand that revision surgery in most of the cases, is normally more extensive as compared to the initial operation due to the fact that there is an increase in difficulty since it’s another procedure being done to help fix damage that was already done. This may prove to be very difficult.

DePuy knee replacement

A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the DePuy Synthes is the owner of the knee which is a prosthetic leg device system. The knee system is able to feature an innovative newer design that previously had been supported to produce stability, durability and flexibility.

Knee replacement claims

One needs to understand that they are entitled to being compensated or settling in the event that they find that their knee is a bother. Given the fact that various complaints have been raised against this specific issue, it goes without say that one will end up suffering from the pain of having to go through the experience of the knee being re-implanted which is painful and the healing process is also a tedious process as well. In you or your loved one has been able to suffer this form of condition for those medical device, then one may easily be able to contact 1-800-631-5656 to get a free evaluation and see if one is able qualify for a financial compensation for a faulty knee. For more info: https://www.nationalinjuryadvocates.com/hip_knee_replacements/

Hip implant lawsuit alleges Stryker negligence

On September 9, 2017, the very renowned and popular company known as Stryker, which is a hip implant manufacturing company, was facing a potentially big product liability legal issue which is surrounding one of their metal-on-metal hip replacement system. However, this is not the very first time in which their metal hip implant system has been pulled off the market for having put their patients at risk. Back in the year 2012, the company had to recall the Stryker ABG hip and Stryker Rejuvenate Hip due to them being faulty. Former patients then were able to file lawsuits against them given that they claimed that the Stryker hip that had been implanted in them had brought about very serious complications such as metal poisoning, catastrophic failure and dislocation etc. which lead to the occurrence of injuries and the typical revision surgery.

On august 29, 2016, the hip implant manufacturing company was issued with an urgent warning since one of their hip implants had completely failed. The failure was so high that the number of lawsuits that followed them were really many due to the failure of the prosthetic that contained their LFIT (Low Friction Ion Treatment) V40 femoral head. The company was able to explain that the unexpected complaints that had been brought to them due to taper lock failure has been able to bring about the complete disassociation of the femoral head form the hip stem, dangerous metal poison in the hip replacement patients and excessive metal debris in the hip joint. For more info: https://www.nationalinjuryadvocates.com/stryker-v40-hip-replacements-lawsuits-claims/

The hip manufacturing company is now facing claims of having failed to warn the patients and the physicians many years earlier when they recalled their ABG hip and Rejuvenate implants, which also included the LFIT V40 after the damage had already been done as some were experiencing major hip implanted failure.

Stryker hip replacement lawsuit

A background on the LFIT V40 femoral head.

An artificial hip implant normally is a combination of various parts that are able to work together to help in creating the hip system. The parts include:

  • Femoral head
  • Femoral stem
  • Femoral neck
  • Acetabular socket
  • Liner

The LFIT V40 is basically the femoral head component that is used by most of the Stryker hip implant is the part that is able to replace the “ball” at the topmost part of the femur or upper thigh bone. The ball is then able to easily fit into the socket of the pelvis bone making the hip joint rotation possible.