Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlements & Payouts

Schmidt National Law Group is pleased to announce that we can NOW ACCEPT hernia mesh cases for those that can’t have a revision surgery but have an injury and are in pain. Contact us directly to see if you now can qualify for the upcoming hernia mesh lawsuit settlements.

Generally, hernia mesh lawsuit settlements occur when the manufacturer decides to set aside a monetary compensation fund for victims that have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer.

We can help determine if you qualify for a hernia mesh case in your state.

A great example of an actual hernia mesh lawsuit settlement happened in 2005. Bard (a mesh manufacturer) recalled 47,000 of their Davol Composix Kugel mesh, and settled these lawsuits for $184,000,000 dollars.

We expect another round of large mesh settlement amounts to occur in both 2020, 2021.

We expect other large cash settlements to be paid to victims from other well known hernia mesh manufacturers. Our hernia mesh attorneys can help determine if you qualify for a mesh case. Payouts now updated for September 16, 2021.

In 2020 the conclusion of the hernia mesh litigation has begun and anyone who fails to make a claim before the statute of limitations could miss out on a cash settlement award.  There is still time to begin the claims process.

Which Hernia Mesh Products will have settlements?

Below are hernia mesh product recalls through 2018. For an updated list or help with locating the manufacturer of your hernia mesh, please contact us directly for free assistance.

Hernia Mesh Litigation – Models.

  • Recall: 2005. Bard hernia mesh recalled 47,000 units of Davol Composix Kugel mesh. Resolved lawsuits for $184 million.
  • Recall: 2010. Ethicon hernia mesh recalled 18,000 units of Proceed mesh.
  • Recall: 2010. FDA announced a Class 1 Recall or polypropylene mesh.
  • Recall: 2013. Atrium hernia mesh recalled 145,000 units of C-Qur mesh.
  • Removal: 2016. Ethicon hernia mesh removes Physiomesh from the market.
  • Recall: 2018. Atrium hernia mesh recalled ProLite mesh patches.
  • Recall: 2018. Sofradim hernia mesh recalled Versatex mesh pates.

How long does it take to settle a hernia mesh lawsuit in 2020?

Litigation for medical devices is generally a slow-moving process, and hernia mesh lawsuits are no exception. There have been no mass hernia mesh lawsuit settlements in recent years, but a mass settlement could be on the horizon for at least one type of mesh. 

hernia mesh lawsuit settlements news

Atrium Medical Corp. must still prepare for potential bellwether trials in the C-Qur mesh multidistrict litigation being held in North Hampshire district court. In August 2019, a judge ruled against Atrium’s motion to dismiss claims that the mesh maker hid the dangers of its C-Qur product. 

Global 2020 Hernia Mesh Settlements on the Horizon?

Global settlements for hernia mesh cases are not usually reached until several cases in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) have gone to trial. If a judge or jury finds in favor of plaintiffs, it can be an incentive for the companies to settle before any other cases are tried. 

Since the federal judge in the Atrium MDL allowed most of the bellwether’s claims to move forward—ruling against Atrium’s motion to dismiss—a positive ruling in favor of the plaintiffs could spell global settlement in the future. 

Past Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

Another hernia mesh maker, C.R. Bard Inc., reached a global settlement with plaintiffs in a multidistrict litigation involving its Kugel mesh in 2011. 

The amount of this particular hernia mesh settlement remained undisclosed. Similar lawsuits involving transvaginal mesh reached global settlements totaling about $3 billion. 

Other hernia mesh makers facing lawsuits in 2020

Several other mesh manufacturers are fighting lawsuits from plaintiffs who claim severe damage and health problems as a result of faulty meshes. 

The companies include Johnson & Johnson, which manufactured Physiomesh under its subsidiary Ethicon, Inc. and C.R. Bard Inc. which manufactured Sepramesh, 3D Max Mesh, and Ventralex ST Hernia Patch, in addition to the Kugel mesh. 

News Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Hernia Mesh settlements

Most of these mesh brands have been taken off the market due to high failure rates and other problems. 

No settlements have been reached in these litigations, but global settlements could be possible in the future. 

The Atrium hernia mesh cases are Blackwood v. Atrium Medical Corp. et al., (1:16-cv-00379) and In re: Atrium Medical Corp. C-Qur Mesh Products Liability Litigation, (1:16-md-02753) both in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire.

We remain highly optimistic on payouts taking place from the hernia mesh settlements fund.

Hernia mesh complications include chronic pain, tissue damage, nerve damage, infection, rejection of the mesh, chronic inflammation, adhesions, and erosion. Hernia mesh complications can be serious enough to require additional mesh revision surgeries beyond the initial hernia repair. 

If you were harmed by a hernia mesh product, you may be entitled to a cash payout from the mesh settlements funds.  Call the experienced hernia mesh attorneys at Schmidt National Law Group today to see if you qualify for a hernia mesh case by calling: 1-800-631-5656. 

Schmidt National Law Group accepts hernia mesh claimants throughout the United States.

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Hernia mesh lawsuit settlements and payout page updated on September 16, 2021 for change in MDL.