Environmental Disasters

Disaster Relief When You Need It Most

Trying to rebuild in the wake of an environmental disaster is hard. Dealing with insurance companies and government agencies following those disasters can make it even harder.

When disaster strikes, turn to the lawyers at Schmidt National Law Group for disaster legal aid that helps you get the maximum amount of disaster relief you deserve. 

Our attorneys have been fighting for victims of environmental disasters for decades, providing relief for individuals and families when they need it most. Schmidt National Law Group has helped victims of disasters including: 

November 15, 2019
california wildfire claims

PG&E California Wildfires Victim Claims

Deadline to File Your Wildfire Claim: December 20, 2019 BREAKING NEWS: June 16, 2020. — Pacific Gas & Electric is expected to plead guilty to 84 […]
August 19, 2019

On-the-job Employee Exposure To Hazardous Materials & Lung Cancer

Settlement Fund Established for Lung Cancer Victims Were you diagnosed with lung cancer after working in construction, manufacturing, or another occupation where you may have been […]
December 7, 2017
Ventura and LA Wildfires Schmidt National Law Group 4

Ventura and LA Wildfires | Wildfire Lawsuits

Ventura and LA Wildfires — Wildfire Lawsuits Wildfires are raging through Southern California, fueled by strong Santa Ana winds and dry vegetation, and people, homes, and […]
December 6, 2017
Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Lawsuit Schmidt National Law Group 5

Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Lawsuit

Aliso Canyon Gas Leak In October 2015, the largest methane gas leak in United States history was discovered at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility located […]