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Common Questions from Patients on Elmiron®

Lately many people across the U.S. have been doing Internet searches related to Elmiron®, an FDA approved drug used to treat a bladder problem called interstitial cystitis that affects many women, and we now offer an easy way to get this related information on each of these keyword searches.

This is the core problem that the drug Elmiron® seeks to cure.  Interstitial cystitis is a fairly common condition that affects millions of Americans annually and is more prevalent in women.  The lawsuit part of this is from law firms (including us) seeking claimants who may have had adverse side effects to this bladder drug.  As of this writing, in legal terms, there is no MDL (Multidistrict Litigation) for Elmiron®.

bladder inflammation diagram

Elmiron® Recall

Interstitial cystitis lawsuit 

Many people who have been injured from Elmiron®, may believe that this FDA approved drug has been recalled, in fact is has not been recalled by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, or a forced recall by the FDA. However in light of some of the recent medical studies done, the status on a recall is possible. As of this writing there is no formal recall on Elmiron®.

Elmiron® eye damage

Reports of some users who have taken Elmiron® have experienced vision, eye problems or damage after as little of six months of use.  Others who have taken the drug for 15 years or more are also showing signs of a condition known as pigmentary maculopathy (which is the next term)


Pigmentary maculopathy

Did the Studies on Elmiron® Show a link to pigmentary maculopathy?

Starting in 2018 through 2020 the American Academy of Ophthalmology began looking at the drug.  Some reports now show the possible link to a degenerative eye disorder known in the medical community as pigmentary maculopathy. A press release made on October 12, 2019 states the following:

Elmiron studies

“Three ophthalmologists conducted a review of patients at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. They found that about one-quarter of patients with significant exposure to Elmiron® showed definite signs of eye damage, and that this medication toxicity could masquerade as other known retinal conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration or pattern dystrophy.”

This study then led the American Academy of Ophthalmology to review over 2.5 million people within the Kaiser Permanente system.

Elmiron® side effects

This is another common search term for people that have taken Elmiron®.  So what are the known side effects of Elmiron® as shown in the studies listed above? Some users have had blurred vision while reading. Others have had prolonged dark adaptation, and a few experienced metamorphopsia (a type of distorted vision).

Elmiron users that have taken the drug for extended periods and have ocular toxicity may experience these known side effects:

  • blurred vision
  • vision dimming
  • night blindness
  • difficulty reading
  • blind spots
  • loss of close vision

Elmiron® lawsuit filed

This term is also closely related to the above example of legal type searches that people enter into Google. We ask people who visit our site; do you think Elmiron has caused your vision problems? This is the beginning of the lawsuit process claimant process.  We also ask what problems or injuries that may have occurred.

As of this writing, the legal process for filing an Elmiron® lawsuit is now going on. However these cases haven’t gone to any court yet. It may take some time before the lawyers conduct the “discovery” needed to proceed for any of these new potential Elmiron® lawsuits. Please see this page for lawsuit filing process. https://www.nationalinjuryadvocates.com/elmiron-study-links-bladder-drug-to-vision-damage-lawsuits-forming/

Elmiron® class action lawsuit

We are currently receiving calls asking if Elmiron® is a class action lawsuit.  Here is the explanation: Class action lawsuits provide a legal pathway for people to recoup losses experienced at the hands of big corporations.

Class actions involve an individual or a group of individuals who represent a larger pool of people who were injured in the same way by the same product or company. 

These lawsuits are a way for people to get the justice and compensation they deserve without incurring large legal costs because they are distributed among a large group of people. Settlements reached in these kinds of lawsuits are split equally among plaintiffs. 

Elmiron® lawsuit settlement amounts

These searches are popular because many want to know how much they can receive from being injured from Elmiron. Related to this term are three questions we get on settlement amounts.

Three questions about Elmiron® lawsuits people are asking.

  • How much can you sue for an Elmiron® lawsuit?
  • How much compensation would I get from an Elmiron® lawsuit?
  • How much is the settlements from an Elmiron® lawsuit?

The answer to these questions can be difficult to predict, as the possible MDL for this hasn’t started yet. There is still time for join in this Elmiron® lawsuit, but there are statutes of limitations that apply.

Some of the past defective drug lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson have had millions of dollars in a compensation fund, that is divided up between claimants who have joined the lawsuit. Example: $100,000,000 in a settlement fund that would serve 1,000 victims would be $100,000 per person. This is only an example and does not represent what may happen for Elmiron®.

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