ABC News Reports the Paragard IUD is prone to breaking.

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June 1, 2021 — Washington DC news channel WJLA authored an exclusive report in March on the copper infused IUD called Paragard.  

Its headline reads very much like a warning: “Exclusive: 3,000+ women report a popular IUD broke in their body, causing complications”.

In their story they highlight the experience of one woman, a Paragard IUD user, named Anna Speaks. Her story involves that after her son was born in 2013, she sought a birth control method that didn’t use hormones and found Paragard.  

Paragard was one of the earliest intrauterine devices (IUD) used for contraception introduced to the market in the United States. It earned US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1984 and was sponsored, at the time, by the Population Council, a nonprofit headquartered in New York City that conducts research to address critical health and development issues for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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Paragard is still the only copper IUD on the US market. It is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare provider to protect against pregnancy for up to 10 years. It is a non-hormonal device, unlike other IUDs like Mirena. Instead of hormones, Paragard contains a copper coil that interferes with the movement of sperm and prevents sperm from reaching an egg. No fertilized egg means no pregnancy. 

Anna Speaks in the report that the copper IUD seemed “like a low maintenance, low fuss method” however she was never warned by her health care provider that the device could potentially break.

After having a Paragard IUD for about five years, she decided to remove it, on her own. When she removed the device she found that the T-shaped IUD was broken and had left a part still in her.

She states: “When I realized one of the Ts had broken off, I just kind of started to freak out, I was panicked. It was devastating, actually.”

She did in fact panic and understood that she now would have to visit a doctor and have an expensive surgery to locate it via an X-ray and remove the broken bit.  

In WJLA’s report it noted that according to the FDA there have been:

  • 3,186 reports of device breakage.
  • 1,910 deemed serious.
  • 102 faced life threatening complications or needing hospitalization.

WJLA’s staff then went on to speak to Cindy Pearson, Director of the National Women’s Health Network.

Cindy told WJLA that the Paragard complaints are just the tip of the iceberg and mentioned the FDA’s Adverse Reporting System.  The problem with voluntary reporting, Pearson says, is it’s hard to tell how often these issues happen, which specific lot numbers they may be tied to and whether the complication is related to the device or something specific about the individuals using it.

“It’s a warning sign that deserves to be investigated,” said Pearson. “The FDA should now step in, investigate and use its authority.”

The amount of women using this copper based IUD continues to grow even with these types of news stories being told.

The current Paragard TV commercials would have women believe that this device is a safe and effective type of non-hormonal birth control device, but don’t be fooled by slick advertising by Big Pharma companies.

What does the FDA FAERS data show on Paragard?

FDA Adverse Events Reporting System (FAERS) Public Dashboard:Updated on December 31, 2020 shows an almost daily reporting of injuries related to the Paragard T 380A.

The injuries report data from 2008 – 2021 shows most Paragard injuries were reported in 2019 was 7,159. More concerning is seeing that 15 deaths from Paragard were listed. The Serious Cases now total 16,645.  Click the link below to open the report.

Is there a current Paragard IUD lawsuit?

Schmidt National Law Group is currently investigating and accepting Paragard Class Action lawsuit claims against Cooper Surgical Incorporated over the potential risks of this IUD.

Beginning in 2020 we started to receive numerous calls from women who have claimed that the copper infused Paragard IUD were causing problems and were reporting injuries.

Some women that have a Paragard IUD alleged that they experienced serious side effects, such as expulsion, perforation, or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), some also had the device fail and ended up pregnant.   

Because of these calls we are now investigation these Paragard injury claims. Use the intake form below to begin your claim.


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